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Eco Facts Aim-for-Zero-Footprint Festival Model

Let's Green our Festival!


Ottawa is privileged to be the only city in Ontario to have a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Rideau Canal. In honor of that recognition, the Rideau Canal Festival was created to be “A Green Celebration of Ottawa’s UNESCO World Heritage Site". The Rideau Canal Festival believes that as well as enjoying the canal’s beauty and heritage, it also has a responsibility to preserve and protect it for future generations. With a green approach in mind, it led the festival to use an Aim-for-Zero-Footprint Festival model. This model is based on the principles of creating zero waste and zero carbon from the festival as well as engages the community. This approach allows for the measuring, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions as well as diversion of waste from municipal landfills. Since its inception in 2008, the festival has been able to engage its partners, sponsors and festival goers in this initiative.

Help us make this festival greener with our 5 easy steps:

1. Use environmentally friendly transportation:

  • Walk, skateboard, rollerblade, ride your bike or carpool to the festival.
  • Use public transportation

2. Bring a reusable mug or water bottle

There are numerous water fountains along the canal to refill your water:

  • Queen Elizabeth Dr. at Lakeside Ave.
  • Queen Elizabeth Dr. at Lakeview Terrace
  • Colonel By Dr. at Rosedale
  • Queen Elizabeth Dr. at Fifth Avenue
  • Queen Elizabeth Dr. at Linden Terrace
  • Queen Elizabeth Dr. at McLeod St.
  • 200m north of Queen Elizabeth Dr. from Somerset St. W
  • Colonel By Dr. at Daly Ave.
  • Elgin St. at Wellington St.

3. Use the on-site recycling and composting bins:

  • Recycle paper, plastics and metal.
  • Compost food related waste, plates, utensils, napkins and beer cup, etc.

4. Pack a picnic with local produce and bring it in reusable containers

The less amount of packaging the better. Dining out? Visit one of our Colonel By Bistros and support Savour Ottawa restaurateurs that use local products.

5. Pledge to green your life:

Take the opportunity to pledge to green your life, offset your environmental impact and help the festival reach its Aim-for-Zero-Footprint objective. To find out more about your personal carbon footprint,  visit the City of Ottawa’s Zerofootprint Calculator.

Visit our sites at Bytown Museum and Dows Lake to enjoy the activities.