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Job Descriptions

Be part of our volunteer team! Email Stephen Cudmore at

Flotilla (Boat Parade)

  • Participate in the general tasks related to the arrival of the flotilla in Ottawa and two flotilla parades.
  • Help with the operations and smooth running of the parades, assist with decorations, provide participants what they need and send out the boats in the precise order.
  • Help the boaters get on board and with docking at the end of the parades.
  • Provide support to the Flotilla Manager.

Information Kiosk

  • Provide information to the public, participants, exhibitors and entertainers
  • Distribute flyers and brochures
  • Direct and educate people on our Aim-for-Zero initiative
  • Process payments for Adopt-A-Metre adoptions
  • Balance cash

Office Assistant

  • Help with organizing the festival and finalizing details for activities and other materials.
  • Manage volunteer inquiries and contact interested applicants
  • Other duties as assigned

Operations and Logistics

  • Help set up kiosks and installations at various festival sites
    Position will require some physical activity
  • Oversee the overall operation of the festival and its various activities

Market Research

  • Set up a kiosk to gather information about visitors to the festival
  • Obtain data to assist in determining the carbon emissions produced
  • Collection of this data will allow us to purchase the proper amount of carbon credits to achieve our goal of being a carbon-neutral festival


  • Assist with organizing planned events and activities on-site
  • Direct participants and members of the public to appropriate areas
  • Monitor activities

Aim-for-Zero Team

  • Oversee operation of our zero footprint initiative
  • Ensure proper actions are being taken on-site
  • Educate public on-site
  • Other duties as assigned